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New True Crime Television Series "K-911"

From the Creator & Executive Producer Dog Whisperer and Rescue 911 comes an all-new, action-packed, crime- busting reality series, K-911.

But unlike any other series, this one solves crimes in real-time through the eyes of amazing and heroic law-enforcement dogs that put their lives on the line to protect and defend us all.

K-911 is a true-crime series featuring the most dramatic and compelling cases of our nation’s finest K-9 heroes. From arson to explosives, national security to missing persons, these K-9s rise to any challenge. It’s the real-time crime solving action of COPS mixed with the heart and insight of Dog Whisperer. Each episode follows teams of crime solving K-9s and their handlers across a range of challenging cases, grueling training, and even some playful R&R time at home.

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