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Productions & Scope of Services


Production Services & Management

Acquisition & Distribution

Financing &

Alliance Cinema produces content for film, television, and online streaming. The company develops projects in-house, co-produces content with third parties, provides production services and production supervision services, and manages third-party projects as well.

Our production and distribution partners include studios, network stations, streaming platforms, producers, and filmmakers. 

Our content has been distributed, co-produced, and/or acquired by most of the leading distribution outlets in the industry.


The Alliance Cinema team produces quality film and television content for a global audience.

In-house developed content is produced by us, and licensed to appropriate distribution outlets.

We produce and finance up to 100% of the production costs for in-house projects, as well as projects we co-produce with producing partners, whose projects we select on the basis of our slate and investment criteria.

We produce third-party content and we provide production supervision on this party content.

Our productions are bonded and insured and meet all the relevant technical and delivery requirements, as well as all industry standards and practices set forth by studios, network stations, streamers and international distributors.

Production Services &  Project Management


The Alliance Cinema team provides production services to produce for third parties who wish to produce quality film, television and/or streaming content. 

Our team has experience in producing content throughout the US and Europe as well as South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

Our team produces/co-produces third-party content to the specifications requested by clients, and/or provides budget and production supervision for our client's productions. 

Our team provides project management services, manages third-party content in the early development stages, and can advise on every step of the process -- from the inception of an idea, through the development, packaging, financing, and production steps, all the way to distribution and generating revenues for film, television or steaming projects.

All third-party productions are bonded and insured and meet all the relevant technical and delivery requirements, as well as all industry standards and practices as set forth by studios, network stations, streamers, and international distributors.

Acquisition / Distribution 


The Alliance Cinema team acquires select content that is commercially viable and is seen a fit for the company slate. The company provides distribution services with its distribution partners and supports content creators in securing a feasible and profitable distribution outlet for their content with distributors globally.


The Alliance Cinema team selects content that is commercially viable and presents as a fit for the company slate and provides funding for up to 100% of the budget, subject to the project elements presented.

The company provides senior loans, bridge loans, and equity investments, which vary subject to terms and conditions relating to the various projects, and their risk profiles.

The team also provides advisory services to investors and content creators who are looking to optimize the financial structure of their content, with the goal of protecting the investment, mitigating risk, and optimizing revenues. 

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