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Development: O2 - Sci-fi Series based on original Script by R. Christensen ("Passengers").

The year is 2772. The earth’s surface has become toxic and uninhabitable. Underwater domed cities have been built just off the coast of the major cities on land, when humanity had to leave the earth’s surface to live in the depths of the ocean. When top scientist Dr. Ian Lockhart goes missing, his 13-year-old daughter Hannah sets out to find her father. Together with Ross, a top ex-military officer who is now a wanted smuggler, and Cotton, the robot AI that raised Hannah, the unlikely trio discovers that Dr. Lockhart was involved in a controversial experiment that would allow humanity to move back on land again. Dangerous forces - much bigger than all of them - don't want anyone leaving the domed cities, and these forces are bent on destroying anyone who poses a threat.

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