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Development: "The Institute" - series inspired by true events of the Nazi rise against science

Berlin's renowned Institute of Sexual Science discovered what later became the basis for Kinsey's and Masters and Johnson's groundbreaking scientific work. When the Institute's top scientists, staff, and patients are attacked by rising Nazi forces who destroy its research, many are injured and some perish in the fires that engulf the Institute. But this fierce team of scientists will not back down and stand up against the dangerous Hitler regime. Determined to create change not just for Germany but the world, the team presses forward with its important work, demanding that laws be changed. The series follows a young Nurse, Nina, who sets out to find her missing twin brother, Bruno, who is presumed dead. Nina knows he is alive and follows the trail that leads her to the Institute, where the young man was last seen. The search for her brother expands Nina's world in a way she could never have imagined, changing her life forever.

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